Are you still making excuses? If so, we've listed the most common questions our members asked, before starting on "The Overeasy Life" journey.
Will I lose 45lbs in 3 months?

Nobody knows! While my results are certainly not typical, what YOU get out of your own individualized nutrition program, is fully dependant on WHAT you eat, HOW MUCH you eat and WHEN you eat. There are dozens of fat loss techniques explained in “The Overeasy Life”, so how much you end up losing really depends on which techniques you decide are best for you and how strictly you apply them. One thing is for sure though, if you don’t read the book and learn what all of the simple and effective fat loss techniques are, you’re probably not going to lose any weight at all!

See... No outlandish claims here. But, if you get started now we will see how much you can lose.
I don’t normally eat breakfast, can I still follow this system?

Yes! While “The Overeasy Life” teaches you all about how you can lose weight by eating delicious breakfast foods (Yummy steak and eggs!), one of the primary concepts that is taught in the book is how to purposely manipulate WHEN you eat to optimise weight loss results. If you just aren’t a breakfast person, that’s ok, there are lots of things you can do with the timing of your food to maximize weight loss success.

Told you this wasn't an issue.. are you ready to get started now?
Will I be able to eat the foods I like?

Yes! As you will learn in “The Overeasy Life”, there is no such thing as a “bad food”. In order to get the best weight loss results, the book explains that the ability to STICK WITH the nutrition program you choose, is ultimately the most important factor in determining weight loss success. You know what you’ll most likely stick with? Eating foods that you actually like! By simply manipulating HOW MUCH and WHEN you eat you will create an eating environment that allows you to still enjoy your food choices and also get the weight loss results you want.

Want to eat what you like and get results? Then you better get started now >>
Do I have to stop drinking alcohol?

No! As you will learn in “The Overeasy Life”, if you choose to drink alcohol, instead of thinking you have to cut it out completely, simply learning to control HOW MUCH and WHAT type of alcoholic beverage you drink, can allow you to lose the weight you want and still enjoy drinking some alcohol. Unlike a lot of diet books out there, we don’t tell you that you have to eliminate any type of food or drink to get the weight loss results you want.

Or stop drinking for 30 days like I did with no results, then come back here and get started.
Can I still eat carbs?

Yes! One of the main principles the we talk about in “The Overeasy Life” is that there is no such thing as a bad food and this includes carbohydrates. The simple techniques we teach about HOW MUCH and WHEN you eat carbohydrates, can help you to take off the extra pounds and still enjoy some of those yummy carbs!

We all have to eat pizza and french fries right? Get Started and learn how you can and still get results.
Will eating more fat make me fat?

No! In case you haven’t noticed the pattern so far, in “The Overeasy Life” we explain that there is no need to completely cut out any food or drinks in order to lose weight, in fact, we actually talk about how it might be a good idea for you to INCREASE the amount of fat you consume to optimize results. Eat more fat in order to lose fat? Yes, it might sound crazy, but as you will learn in the book, purposely choosing WHAT and WHEN you eat certain things like fat, can actually maximize the weight loss results you are able to achieve.

Looks like eating fat might help you lose fat, so get started and enjoy eating fat again.
I’ve tried so many diets why will this one work?

That depends! Even though “The Overeasy Life” provides you with dozens of easy to use tips and tricks for taking off those extra pounds, even the BEST program in the world is of no value if you don’t actually follow it. We wrote this book with one goal: to provide the reader with the best science-backed information about WHAT, WHEN and HOW MUCH food to consume to optimize weight loss results, packaged in easy to understand and simple to apply explanations. This allows you to get started right away and more importantly you’ll be able to stick with the simple tips and tricks outlined in the book, thereby creating lasting results.
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